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Rules for press accreditation

Journalists, photographers, video operators and radio correspondents will be asked to show the original accreditation request made by a registered newspaper. In the absence of the request, the accreditation will not be granted.
Photographers engaged in commercial activity are required to attach an application form on company letterhead.
Each magazine may accredit a maximum of 2 journalists and 2 photographers, agencies and/or photo studios a maximum of 2 employees. Each application form must be signed in original by the applicant.
Other types of requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the head of the press office.

Location and timetables of the press room

Hotel Cervo Tennis – Porto Cervo
Thursday 17 October from 16 to 20
Friday 18 October from 8 to 20
Saturday 19 October from 8 to 20